If only I could walk away. . .

I heard something!

Did you hear?


Oh! It was your conscience mumbling

They say walking away is cowardly

I can not agree any more

Hold on

Stay strong

Don’t run away

Don’t hide

Coz even if you do

It wouldn’t matter.

Yes, it would be gone. . .

Maybe for a few days

Or weeks

Maybe a few months

Or even years. . .

But it will come back

And when it does, it’ll be at its best.

So baby,

Don’t walk away.


I am not walking away from just things

You need to understand it isn’t just the pain.

Walking away isn’t always running from one’s problems,

it isn’t always hiding from the demons who

stand with their arms wrapped around your dreams.

Sometimes it’s walking away from the life that suffocates you,

The life that is killing your dreams, your thoughts

and slowly and slowly sucking up all the breath that is left in you.

Sometimes, it is walking away from the life that has no meaning,

The life that is not ‘living’.

It is walking towards the light,

towards Hope,

towards the freedom that your soul salivates for.

Sometimes it is not a want to walk away

it is our need, our desperation to breathe.


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