Dear Brother,
I write this for you with utmost love and respect in my heart. Do not laugh if I say you are a father to me. You are the only man allowed to treat me like a child and call me ‘bacha’. You’re special, way more than any guy who has walked into my life or will walk into my life tomorrow.

When I’m low, I know I can text you “Bhai, I am not okay” anytime even when I don’t really tell you the situation. But the mere idea of you being there, makes me feel happy.

Thank you for being my punching bag. That surely has made me feel I’m stronger than I was yesterday. Oh! And that I am strong enough to fight anyone. The best was being one of the only two girls in the group. When you’d tell us both to eat first but it would only end up us both feeding bites to all of you one by one.
That was love  

The last time I cried my heart out, you had me in your safe embrace.
Your presence taught me to be comfortable & not guilty of my choices, to experience everything in life.

But do not think that I don’t know you. I know you are strong, I know you are mature. You talk about the practical things and life,  like you’ve figured it all out. Yes, you have. But just know we know you.
You’re not just body and muscles, you are heart and soul too. You are love and strength of your loved ones. We got you. I got you.
When you’re lost in thoughts (not the fake candid ones 😜😂), I know you’re pondering about making a living, making a better present for yourself and your loved ones, you’re trying to figure things out in your head. But you don’t show it. We get it. You’re too mature to bother us all with your thoughts. I don’t care if you say this is not the truth. I just know you love us all. 

Dear Brother now comes the most important part. Tattoo this if you have to 😑😑😑 You are not allowed to replace me. You might have more sisters but I got only you. If you do, just remember you have taught me to punch pretty hard and I would know when you’ve had a leg day 😈
Yours Little Monster😈 🐾


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