There are so many things that trigger you. This was one such thing which triggered me this Holi.
We might take it on a light note, saying it’s just a joke. But I am tired of reading this post on almost every fkn page on social media.
“Tumne esa kia toh me molestation ka case krdugi”(If you’ll do this, I’ll fire a molestation case against you) I won’t. I’ll make sure to break your bones the very moment you tried this on me, the very moment you, the one who’s my friend, the one who’s my college mate, the one who’s my neighbour, the one who I just encountered walking out of my college wishing me ‘Happy Holi’ and decently putting gulal on my cheeks, yes I will break your bones.
Coz that’s what we girls do? Don’t we.
Just like every individual is different, just like NOT ALL MEN ARE RAPIST, not all women take your good intentions for bad.
But tell me, oh! Wait. . . Teach me please how to behave when a guy with ‘not so good intention’ holds me at wrong places in the name of ‘Holi’. Teach me how am I supposed to know the difference between a molester and a friend?
I have already learned from my past, I have learned from my experiences, I have learned from the society( words surely seem right now since the society is never wrong)
We have two eyes, we have 5 senses we have a brain, I am sure God has given them for a reason. Then kindly let me use them to decide the difference between these two. My final decision if against you will surely give you a chance to prove yourself innocent, but if against the truth, might just not give me a chance to save myself from being raped off of my being.
I am sorry to all the men. I am sorry that growing up I started doubting each one of you. I am sorry that due to some men, you all have to go through this ‘analyzing process’ where we tag you into two different categories, ‘safe’ and ‘not safe’.
But tell me do you know how many girls grow old enough every year to not go out and play Holi? No, you don’t. Because men are never told to stay home to be safe from the eyes of the predators.
Remember how as a child you wanted to touch fire? To know what harm it might cause you that your mother tells you to be safe from? I am sure we all had once in our lives done that, tried to see what harm does it cause. Only then do we learn we are not meant to touch it, don’t we?
So, if I have learned that’s it’s not safe, only then do I try to protect myself not taking any risks.
I am sorry to all men that life has made me look at you with doubt. But the least you can do is help me ‘GET OUT OF MY FEAR’, my fear of trusting the wrong men, of not acting upon my ‘intuitions’, but most of all the fear of doubting the innocent, of hurting the innocent.


DATED: 02/03/2018  🙂 Check out my new blog guys ❤


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