I knew he was there,

Somewhere in the dark waiting for me,

With its intention to slaughter me inch by inch,

To unlock the door I had so cautiously sealed.

I, with these locked doors

Layed silently yet not peacefully

My heart thumping inside of me

Alerting me to all the menace and possibilities.

The night came, finally

Giving it the fair chance, it so eagerly fancied,

The door was unlocked,

I, unaware of my amnesia,

Layed unguardedly to the fiend.

Morning came and so did hit the realization,

The fear of the What If’s

After all, I was not yet savored  like dead meat,

What if He had tried opening the unlocked door?

The one that last night wasn’t so secure;

What if he had been on the hunt?

Its predating senses giving it everything.

What if he hadn’t yet given up?

Trying and failing every night to reach its prey.

For the door that led to its hunger,

Yes, the one that led to its liberation wasn’t locked.



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