It wouldn’t be true if I said,

‘I do not want to feel you close again’

For my eyes manifest the truth,

Clearly your touch, I fail to abstain.

The profuse libido obscure to the world,

Is never really off display for you to savor;

Trying to fly to my life, to my good,

I lay here rooted to your abject love.

I’m silent,

I’m screaming,

I’m shouting,

I’m running,

I’m aching,

I am craving. . .

Craving for your touch,

Craving to feel your intense gaze on me,

To feel your lips on mine,

To let our voices be the rhymes,

To brush my hands on your body belonging to me at the time.

I crave to breathe in your aroma,

To let me be packed with the scent of you,

I close my eyes for I’ve had enough,

Of these views, the flashbacks of me and you.

I ache for your touch,

For the lingering feeling of you so much.

I crave for you

For it’s the only thing that brings to me, you.



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