Childlike innocence,

Eyes all brightened up with exemplary shine,

A heart filled with nothing but love,

Oh! That laughter is so divine.

Curiosity at its level best,

Questions about anything and everything do they catechize,

They wear their heart on their sleeves truly,

Giving warmth to the world so frosty and hostile.

Life, their garden of Eden

Them, being the Prince and Princess of this paradise

The hands that touch not body but soul,

The Lips that utter only raw thoughts.

They look for the good in everything,

Their souls so pure and angel-like,

No walls but The world, their ally,

No wars but the goodwill their bowie knife.

Grown up to a whole new being,

Becoming more of the frigid earthling,

Holding us to the faith and Hope,

The memories of our childhood will suffice.


P.S. This is my new blog. I’ll permanently shift to the new blog and write there. So, well if you would like to read more of my writings, do follow/subscribe to the new one ❤


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