The Prince and Me

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He would be the most handsome,

‘Stepped down from heaven’ kind of guy,

With his body well built,

And his lips curving to that ‘die for’ smile.

A magnificent sword in his hand,

A beautiful white horse, would he ride,

Coming to my rescue,

Oh! It would be love at first sight.

Fantasised about this perfect guy,

From the popular stories, I heard, as a child.

I was no extraordinary girl,

But, the Prince would fall for my aberrant vibes,

Mother told me to be raw and wholesome,

For I was destined for something great, certainly a majestic life.

Awaited for my Prince Charming, my entire childhood,

Hoping he would come to life right out of the storybooks,

Little did I know,

It was everything but the truth.

No Prince can rescue you,

From these imprisoned walls,

You have to be your own savior,

Show the queen you are, to the world.

You’re not weak to need a crutch,

Every time you fall, get up to be stronger,

Don’t wait for someone to bring you back to life,

Be your own hero, even if you shudder.


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