My Ferocious Mother



Opened my eyes to a fatherless world,

With my childhood so amazing yet so disturbed.

And she being my mother had to fight,

For her, was the battle with all these worldly lies.

With a gentle soul to care for in her hands,

She had to be both, a mother and a father to her little infant.

She broke from within, trying to make ends meet,

But of her own scars, her face showed no glimpse.

She became the father I felt protected with,

Became the smile on my tender lips.

She held my hand as I learned to walk,

Became the paddles to my ‘I am a big girl now’ cycle.

She became everything she could,

To make her daughter feel happy and less-distressed.

The monsters living underneath my bed,

The nightmares every single night I dreamt of,

The questions that were left unanswered to my friends,

All the worries evaporated with my mother’s one hug.

She became the opponent to my fears,

Became the treasure I held close.

She became my home,

The only ‘family’ I had got.

She’s fearless and mighty,

She’s without doubt, my superwoman.


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