Hesitant to open up,

I am cautious of the words that escape my mouth.

Craving for the warmth, wanting to be cold

I am typically unpredictable, no doubt.

I am in a constant dilemma,

Of letting you in or letting you go.

Not ready to rely on ‘us’ so fast,

I am a woman with self-love and trust.

I see you love me wholeheartedly,

But love is not all I need, never would it be enough for me.

I have these uncertainties eating me up,

Where I doubt everything and anything.

I am sorry for I have these issues,

That I can’t start to explain.

For my mind is like this maze,

Where I can’t keep moving on one single trail.


8 thoughts on “Uncertainties

  1. yes, it is indeed. We all have our brains filled with uncertainties. They won’t ever leave us alone actually. Yeah, maybe they get replaced by some new ones, but they are still here.


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