Confined Words



And I failed to find the words,

Words to tell you all about me.

I tried again though,

I closed my eyes and dwelled on

The words I could have probably said,

to let you know Who I was?

Or What I could perhaps be?

But then, I got a glimpse of the memory lane

And I was bound to keep it simple and satisfying yet again

hey, I am fabulous. . .

Yeah, all is cool. . .

A little busy, let’s talk laters. . .

Words confined when I tried to open up.

A moment of being me and then,

I would go back to being the same old cocoon.

Words confined when I wanted to tell you

That Hey, I am not okay!

That I could do with a warm hug maybe.

Words confined when I wanted

to be held on days I was cold.

Words confined because they wanted to be held close,

Deep within me where it’s safe for sure.

I am my safe place

I am my home

I am the listener

to my confined words. . .


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